Visualization and Connectivity Software

Visualization and Connectivity Software

Visualization and Connectivity Software

JMobile is a principle driving force in the X Platform.


Let Your Local EXOR Explain


Exor began developing the JMobile software in 2006 in close cooperation with a group of major clients. This trusting collaboration with the market has continued throughout the subsequent years and as a consequence has led to a unique software package, responding in a secure and stable manner to real needs.





The three principles that have guided and will continue to guide this development are:

  1. Remain open to the major fieldbus / protocols of communication
  2. Use open and universally recognized market technological standards such as HTML5, SVG, XML
  3. Maintain ease of use and extremely secure all integrations of market leading 3rd party software


These three principles working together leads Exor and our customers to the best of all situations where the secure, solid JMobile backbone of highly critical software is able to contain and implement in use the software that is needed.


JMobile with a fully integrated CODESYS PLC has grown to permit communication to all I/O, Sensors, Motion devices via the major protocols of PROFINET, EtherCAT, POWERLINK, EtherNet/IP, Modbus amongst others.


Transmitted using OPC UA standard and soon pub/sub via various communication networks including TSN, JMobile covers the Connectivity, Device management, Process management and Data Visualization components of any platform.


  • High User Interface Experience
  • Create IIoT ecosystems with reduced risk
  • From Shop Floor to Cloud / Big Data
  • Deterministic Communication via TSN*
  • Real Interoperability
  • Great HTML5 interface with JM4web
  • Efficient scripting with JavaScript
  • Excluding variants, more than 200 communication protocols readily available for all platforms with gateway function
  • Browser widget
  • Integrated PLC runtime as an option for compact control solutions. Include full support of networked I/O
  • Software and documentation available in 4 languages: EN, DE, FR, ZH
  • Multi platform runtime: Linux ,Windows, Windows CE, HTML5

Recent Updates Have Included

JMobile also covers inside of a smart scada or as a simple IoT gateway, sending all data to higher Enterprise levels and external interfaces via the highly robust and secure OPC UA pub/sub or where deemed suitable a MQTT broker. JMobile client-server architecture is based on current HTML5 web technologies with the QT engine and Scalable Vector Graphics. This provides users with advanced control and remote supervision from any browser, any device (smartphone, tablet, or computer).


This seamless communication which is already envied as a real technical achievement does not convey the completeness of JMobile. What began as a close contact with customers has remained so deeply ingrained into the development process that the beautiful user experience is a defining attribute.


Through a rich set of symbols, widgets and advanced functions (e-mail, RSS, PDF Reporting, Scheduler, HTML5 Browser, Gesturing), incredible graphic images, Canvas, the main design element in HTML5 in association with Javascript, table design and layout for even the most extreme of data visualization needs, BACnet, CANopen and Network stacks available for integrated PLC via CODESYS v3, PING for easier network diagnostics, DNP3 Outstation for all smart grid applications, all the way down to Indexed Tags and a full FTP client. It is all intuitively easy to use.

Version 2.6 New Features

  • Multi touch and Gesturing
  • Supports OPC UA Server and Client
  • Enhanced realism for graphic images
  • Advanced support for custom widgets
  • Canvas widget: fully customized graphic objects
  • Table widget: extreme table design and layout improving quick and accurate data acceptance
  • Supports OPC UA Alarms, Historical Alarms and Trends
  • Alarm management widgets: easier handling of options in Active alarms
  • Communication via BACnet, DNP3 Outstation
  • Protocols for Automati on Direct, Emerson, Schneider, Delta
  • FTP Client with the new acti ons FTPGet FTPPut
  • Fastboot under 15 secs depending upon project complexity

making ordinary communication Extraordinary

The hallmark of all EXOR products is the combination of state-of-the-art IIoT field to cloud connectivity enablement and exceptional performance with an acute understanding of beautiful design.

As you become aware of EXOR and the evolution of our products you will see the momentum of what we have already produced. You will also recognise that we are consumed with the future, and what we have yet to bring to the benefit of our customers in industrial, marine and building sectors.

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