Challenge 5

Challenge 5

The Need to Store Vast Quantities of Data

The data streams created by Industry 4.0 are vast and require a central area to be collected so that the data analysis can be done in an efficient manner. A pre-requisite for achieve certain higher level benefits from Industry 4.0 come from the analytics of the data acquired.

This data must be accessible from multiple secure locations.


Corvina Cloud is constructed with state-of-the-art technology specifically mapped for scalability, reliability and fault tolerance.

As an open and secure cloud based connectivity management platform evolved from within the X Platform, it puts you in control of your IIoT business.

Corvina Cloud aggregates real-time plant floor data into one user-friendly, accessible, and secure platform. Industrial companies of all kinds are able to improve processes, increase productivity, and make more informed decisions which lead to growing revenue, lowering operational costs, and dramatically enhancing your customer experience.

EXOR Whole Product Solution

Below is a suggested whole product solution with various hardware, software and cloud combinations that overcome the challenge. Different vertical industries will need slightly different combinations of products and services, but this section aims to demonstrate that there are currently solutions that resolve your industry’s issues

Please feel free to contact your EXOR representative to discuss your specific sector

Corvina Cloud

Built for Industry with all the particular requirements for this sector. Born from Operation Technology speaking the language of the factory. It is the standard for Industrial Cloud Connectivity and is the second phase in the Corvina Cloud development.

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