Challenge 4

Challenge 4


In an interconnected world, the risk of cyber threats will increase. Machine to machine communication and he use of cloud data storage will be of interest to hackers. These threats can be the theft of trade secrets and intellectual property, hostile tampering of data and direct disruptions of process control.

Cybersecurity is a significant risk to companies implementing Industry 4.0 practices and needs to be top of the agenda at any company.


First of all, it must be realised that there is no solution that exists to fully cover all security issues. The company must approach this topic with the full assistance of the many qualified companies that propose solutions.

To offset the threat of unauthorised access to the system, care must be taken from all device management, user management, data encrypton and much more. Since security can never be guaranteed, the l evel of protection is often a compromise.

EXOR Whole Product Solution

Below is a suggested whole product solution with various hardware, software and cloud combinations that overcome the challenge. Different vertical industries will need slightly different combinations of products and services, but this section aims to demonstrate that there are currently solutions that resolve your industry’s issues

Please feel free to contact your EXOR representative to discuss your specific sector

Security in Industrial IoT

Managing the Balance between Security and Usability All parts of the EXOR X Platform sit as a working bridge between the need for high levels of security and the usability of an IIoT system. There is by necessity a compromise to be made between these two sides.

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