Challenge 3

Challenge 3

The Level of Understanding of the Workforce.

In various surveys, it emerges that one of the largest obstacles to implementing Industry 4.0, is the lack of process and control know-how of the employees. . Although the digitalization of the industrial sector is built around the collection, analyzing and managing of data for all node points on the shop floor, by far the most important consumers of this data will be human beings.

No matter how automated any process can become there will still need to have an empowered workforce which accept, use and oversee the digital thread.


Over and above the direct training of staff, there are two aspects
to resolving this problem.

  1. Adopting a technology at the point where the workforce’s knowledge is currently and yet still being able to scale into more complex systems in the future
  2. Ensuring the best possible User Interface on all human interactions with the aim to make the experience of using new technology so good that take up is quick

Fortunately for the Industrial IoT we have the history of the consumer IoT revolution that has already occurred to gain notes from. Although hardware improvements were occuring rapidly, and placing of ever more components upon the motherboard led to massive increases in data transfer rates, the digitalization of the consumer world began to be rapidly adopted the moment the technology producers began to focus not only on the sophisticated technology but also upon the final user experience. Making the use of the consumer facing part of the technology as simple as possible was key in this.

EXOR Whole Product Solution

Below is a suggested whole product solution with various hardware, software and cloud combinations that overcome the challenge. Different vertical industries will need slightly different combinations of products and services, but this section aims to demonstrate that there are currently solutions that resolve your industry’s issues

Please feel free to contact your EXOR representative to discuss your specific sector


The eXware represents a prudent first step into the implementation of IIoT and Industry 4.0 compatibility. Acting as the central element in IIoT landscape the eXware can communicate between automation devices, cloud, fog and applications. Through use as a gateway, a powerful HMI, a PLC with CODESYS V3 or a secure router, the eXware facilitates data intensive and complex IIoT applications to be enabled.

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Exor began developing the JMobile software in 2006 in close cooperation with a group of major clients: Exor has invested over 300 of man-years in development. This trusting collaboration with the market has continued throughout the subsequent years and as a consequence has led to a unique software package.

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