Challenge 2

Challenge 2

Achieving End to End Connectivity

With the introduction of OPCUA pub/sub over TSN, seamless end to end connectivity is likely to be achieved soon, there remains a significant number of protocols and communication technologies for legacy machines, robot and highly level enterprise systems such as MES or ERP.

This ambiguity leads to confusion, which does not assist the implementation of such disruptive technologies.


The technical solution is tied up with the managerial solution: reducing the number of suppliers and yet achieving the connectivity required.

An important evolution in the standards used for communication is that there seems to be emerging two important elements and the standards behind them. If these standards continue to gain momentum then it will be another indication that business models are about to be disrupted with concrete technological advances.

These two elements and standards are:

  1. Deterministic Communication
  2. Interoperability

EXOR was the first company worldwide to demonstrate a real world model of these two standards using OPC UA over a Time Sensitive Network connection over Ethernet, with the EXOR Smart Factory in late 2015.

EXOR Whole Product Solution

Below is a suggested whole product solution with various hardware, software and cloud combinations that overcome the challenge. Different vertical industries will need slightly different combinations of products and services, but this section aims to demonstrate that there are currently solutions that resolve your industry’s issues

Please feel free to contact your EXOR representative to discuss your specific sector


Exor began developing the JMobile software in 2006 in close cooperation with a group of major clients: Exor has invested over 300 of man-years in development. This trusting collaboration with the market has continued throughout the subsequent years and as a consequence has led to a unique software package.

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Corvina Cloud

Built for Industry with all the particular requirements for this sector. Born from Operation Technology speaking the language of the factory. It is the standard for Industrial Cloud Connectivity and is the second phase in the Corvina Cloud development.

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