Challenge 1

Challenge 1

Choosing a technology that will be obsolete in a few years time.

Probably the biggest risk of investment in IIoT today, is to adopt a technology that will impede any future flexibility as standards and business models alter. Whomever is responsible for these decisions will have the concern:

“I do not want to invest in technology now and find it obsolete in a few years”.


To avoid becoming obsolete the technology chosen must satisfy the following conditions:

  1. Have an ability to build in a buffer for errors of design that naturally come to light only during the development stages.
  2. Have the flexibility to pivot dramatically in a lean start-up philosophy if the product or ecosystem needs to change far beyond the natural adjustments mentioned in 1 above.
  3. Lastly the technology must have a great scalability so that the company may start small and still plan big for the future, without needing to change technology platforms.

EXOR Whole Product Solution

Below is a suggested whole product solution with various hardware, software and cloud combinations that overcome the challenge. Different vertical industries will need slightly different combinations of products and services, but this section aims to demonstrate that there are currently solutions that resolve your industry’s issues

Please feel free to contact your EXOR representative to discuss your specific sector


The 1st Component of Industrial IoT Use Exor Embedded System On Module and display options to design your IIoT product yourselves, have Exor design, develop and test your product or simply choose to customise an already existing standard Exor product.

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EXOR Innovation Timeline

Since 1971 EXOR International has proved itself to be a highly innovative company. Bringing to our clients state of the art technology that they have been able to successfully integrate into legacy set ups and implement new efficiencies and revenue streams.


was the first company worldwide to develop an industrial glass touch screen HMI


was the first company worldwide to offer a HMI development software for Windows CE


was the first company to successfully and publicly demonstrate OPC and TSN working together


is the only company that produces HMI and Systems on Module


is the only company that produces SOM with 50 years experience in the industrial OT sector

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