About EXOR

Who is EXOR?

EXOR International, an Italian company operating globally, has been designing,
developing and manufacturing solutions in HMI, control and Industrial IoT for
nearly half a century.

EXOR provides customers with easy-to-use tools which express a highly
advanced technology fully responsive to the concepts of Industry 4.0.
Founded in Verona in 1971, today it has 150 employees across Italy, Germany,
USA and India.

These EXOR branches are staffed with local experts so as to better understand
the needs of those markets and provide the most responsive solutions. In addition
there are over 40 distributors worldwide that are added to the EXOR network.

The design and production of our products remain focused in the Italian office.

Business Philosophy

A precise business philosophy is followed which influences all the choices that are made:
Everything in the company is the result of the collaboration of experience and talent, shared
with new ideas and given space for our young engineers to express themselves.

In an ever-changing economic environment rather than employing our resources on what
might change, we prefer to focus on what will not change:

1) the need of our customers for our technology that reliably improves performance and security
2) the awareness that when entrepreneurs make a choice for their automation processes, they
know they are committed for ten years.

We are aware that the entrepreneur who signs a contract which implements work runs a certain
level of process risk. In this risk taking we have to be a guarantee with our products and our support.

Whole Product Solution: X Platform

EXOR controls the entire project process across the major parts of the most complete Industry 4.0 platform: